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When you listen to Karoshi's Sleepwalker you listen with all your senses. It's easy to allow yourself to become lost within the arcing melodies, the ethereal, weightless sound.

Sleepwalker is without a doubt one of the most refreshing albums Australia has seen in recent times.

Beres describes his interest in producing electronica as “an evolution of sorts.”

“I was a guitarist for years, playing for artists and singer songwriters. It wasn’t until one of the bands I was in finished up that I wanted to try writing some of my own music. The only things I had at my disposal were a guitar and laptop.”

Living in Glebe at the time, Beres would often find himself in the one record store. Sifting through recommendations and exposing himself to a wide range of music that he wouldn’t have heard otherwise.

“That was an important phase for me because I knew that I was interested in these different sounds coming out, I was always a fan of Bjork and Radiohead and I would always go into there to discover new music.”

Beres then began to create his own music, ornamenting his songs with select sounds to create a distinct feel. As he puts it " to add little pieces of interest into the music."



Beres proves that there is quite a degree of experimentation involved when it comes to achieving just the right feel,

“I usually sit down and have an idea of a beat, or a rhythm first or an idea of a piano line. Just building it up layer on layer, I can get really lost in that process. It can take a lot of time tweaking sounds and mixing things. Especially working with computers and keyboards it’s limitless what you can do.”

Sleepwalker was recorded and mixed in a relatively short period of time. During production the band enlisted the help of Jordy Lane who was able to add that little bit extra.

“He came into the project quite late, and he had really fresh ears on everything so that helped with getting feedback.”

The result was a cohesive album, each track a separate entity but belonging seamlessly to the one whole. Beres reflects on the process,

“It’s nice to be doing something different, I’ve always been interested in strange alternative music and I feel quite lucky that I can do what I want, try out new things like that and it’s going to have an audience.”

With Sleepwalker set to be released the 1st of April and having just been awarded the Sound Clash grant Karoshi has only moved from strength to strength. 

Already with a new album in the works, we can expect to hear a lot more from Karoshi in the near future. Thankfully. 


As always, feel free to follow Karoshi on Facebook and Myspace. Also drop into any reliable music store to get your hands on Sleepwalker.