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Boy and Bear

Frontman Dave Hosking chats to us about Boy and Bear's debut album Moonfire, 

Beneath Boy and Bear’s debut album Moonfire is an unrelentless purpose. Each track begins where the last finished bridged by an unwavering sound and the distinct vocals of Dave Hosking. There’s a familiarity about his voice, a certain character that makes it sound as if you were listening to a friend.

Aside from this are the unexpected moments of lament, the string section that weaves throughout and as always - those whistles. It’s difficult to believe that this is Boy and Bear’s first full length release. So I think I’ll say it again. Moonfire marks Boy and Bear’s debut album and it’s worth every minute.


If you could describe Moonfire in three words what would they be?

Heaps of work.


What I love most about your lyrics is their mystery and intrigue. Is it more important for the words to feel right rather than to follow a certain line or story?

I think in the past the lyrics were written primarily from an aesthetic point of view, but they have become a whole lot more biographical and do probably follow more of a story line (i.e. songs like Part Time Believer & Big Man)

After building a song up from the bare bones how do you tell when an arrangement’s complete?

I guess once there is a general consensus that the arrangement has reached a place where it is sitting well, then we’ll try to keep our hands off it as much as we can. This is not always as easy as it sounds though. There’s always textures and layers and sounds you can tinker with but in general there is a moment when we all feel that its done.

Are there any tracks you’re particularly proud of? Or songs that just seemed to fall into place?

Stereotypical I know but I’m really proud of the album as a whole. For me it makes sense as an entire piece and that’s the one thing I was really hoping for. There are moments on the record that I particularly love but on the whole the fact that we got to the end of the process with a cohesive and living record is what I’m particularly proud of.

As well as Splendour we’ve heard you’ll be playing at Chicago’s Lollapalooza Festival, any bands your looking forward to seeing or accidentally (on purpose) running into backstage?

I’m not, unfortunately going to get anytime at Splendour as I’m coming straight back to Sydney but with regard to Lolla I have to be honest I’m not too sure whose playing. I think The Foo Fighters and Eminem are playing? Maybe I’ll see Eminem back stage and take him down in a free style battle. Never know your luck at a big festival ;) 


Drop in to JB Hi Fi for a copy of Moonfire, or any other reliable music store. Also feel free to check it out on Itunes.

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