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Split Seconds


Split Seconds debut EP was released today to much anticipation, the bell was fortunate enough to chat to lead singer Sean Pollard about the new record...

There is something classically Australian about the way Pollard crafts his lyrics. Almost as if he is letting us be a part of a moment in time, his subtle storytelling reminiscent of artist’s such as Paul Kelly and Gareth Liddiard.

“It’s something you can do when you’re Australian, you can focus on the lyrics because the accent does stand out a bit. It’s about giving the listener some idea of what’s going on without making it too obvious…It’s a hard line to follow but once you get it it’s pretty cool.”

All it takes is one listen of the EP to realize that Split Seconds definitely have it.

A bittersweet nostalgia is prevalent throughout the record, a sound realized as Pollard spent time living in London, working at the infamous rehab centre The Priory.

“London’s obviously a very different place from Perth… so there was definitely that element of homesickness. Some of the songs are a little glum...maybe the London life got to me a little bit.”

As a whole Split Second’s debut EP lends itself to be considered as a mini-album in many ways.

“All six songs come together in one feel…It kind of felt like a couple of years of my life put into one succinct statement. When I’m fifty years old I’ll be able to listen to it and go that’s where I was then.”


The success of Split Seconds can also be attributed to their collaborative nature as a band.  

As Sean relates, “everyone can contribute on anything - on drums, guitar or bass ... It’s a good way to do it because people when just pitch in when you need to. It was just whatever the song needed we would try and find somewhere.”

Elizabeth is almost haunting in sound as distant bells ring throughout the track.

the bells were from the Angels…this eighties record that my dad had, we just put it on and recorded it from behind the wall…it sounded like it was a million years away.”

Less romantic but nevertheless effective was the featured percussion of What a Week – a large recycling bin.

“We wheeled that into the studio and kind of closed the lid a couple of times, cut it up a little bit and that ended up as the percussion base on that track which is pretty interesting.”


Simply said Split Seconds are a talented group of musicians, however so too are they vocalists. Their harmonies, of at times up to five parts, have almost become a trademark of Split Seconds. Bed Down being the perfect example.

When I ask Pollard what has been the most rewarding aspect of producing the EP he is amiably modest in response, characteristic of his down to earth nature.

“Just having people hear it now is cool, hopefully getting something out of it. That’s really humbling as well. You often make these things thinking you’ll be the only one who hears them - so it’s good to know people are listening.”


Split Seconds is definitely worth getting your hands on, buy the full EP  from Itunes or order a copy from JB/any other reliable music store.

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